Looking after Butcher Block Countertops

butcher block countertopsDespite the current competition it faces, Butcher Block Countertops still remain a popular choice due to many reasons. Natural wood always stays timeless just like natural stone and even granite which is considered to be common and cost effective. If you put every effort into looking after and maintaining your butcher block counter tops, it will last a longer period and remain beautiful.

Most individuals choose to replace their present counter tops with butcher block for a variety of reasons. To begin with, they cost less when compared to granite or the other popular materials which are widespread in kitchens currently. Moreover, they are versatile and superb for kitchen islands. You can also pick from a variety of wood types which can further complement your floors and cabinets. The finishing can also be completed in a manner that you like and if you have preference for contemporary kitchen, you can opt for sharp, clean edges with a thoroughly polished finish. If your kitchen has a rustic decor, then butcher block countertops can help by adding an older and distressed appearance too.

Natural wood should be cared for and maintained differently when compared to other kinds of countertops made from other materials. This is not such a difficult process and if they are cared for in a proper manner, you will undoubtedly enjoy owning it for lots of years to come. There are certain methods you can apply if you want to protect them and sealant is effective for reducing frequency of maintenance. Apply mineral oil of sizeable amounts to the countertop surface. Let it sit for approximately an hour then wipe it later using a gentle detergent.

Bear in mind that you should only use a gentle detergent when cleaning such counter tops because they will most likely get damaged if harsh chemicals are used. Due to the materials they are produced from, butcher blocks retain odor easily than the other materials. In spite of this, getting rid of the odors is a simple process. You just need to soak the affected area for about fifteen minutes and always remember to take good care of your counter tops. It is not advisable to place hot pans on them as this will get them scorched. Look after your counter tops well and they will no doubt last many more years.

The cost of installing this type of countertop will largely be determined by the wood type chosen and whether you will carry out the installation exercise on your own. The board patterns ought to be arranged in a way you like and consequently ensure you check out the completed product prior to making a buying decision.

Butcher block countertops will always remain a fantastic option for any type of kitchen. They are also preferred by many people all over the world and the fact that they are eco-friendly is considered a plus by many who are mindful about the environment. Other than being natural, it is easy to install and work with. Despite this, when selecting a BUTCHER BLOCK COUNTERTOP, make certain that you are settling on one that is appealing to your tastes.

Kitchen Necessities: A Portable Kitchen Island

PORTABLE KITCHEN ISLANDSA little kitchen may be the bane associated with a chef’s existence. Fortunately, you will find methods for the creative home designer to obtain the most from a little kitchen. Many people spend 1000’s of dollars to redesign their kitchen areas using the primary purpose of creating additional counter space. Others pick the least costly option and be satisfied with a little folding table. While either approach will accomplish the aim, probably the most sensible option would be to purchase a transportable kitchen island.
Portable kitchen islands range in dimensions and cost and just what doesn’t, in the end? Many promising small to medium-size movable islands are generally beautiful and reasonable priced, and excellent for kitchen areas where you can’t host a lasting installation. Unlike a stationary kitchen island, you are able to have a portable kitchen island along with you for your next home or apartment. Anybody that has ever bought a mobile kitchen island will explain that you will find a number of other good reasons to own one:
1) Beauty
Portable islands are not only kitchen fittings. They’re furniture pieces that provide to enhance your house. Sure, folding tables are cheap, but they’re also clumsy and ugly. A transportable kitchen island, however, will prove to add charm to the kitchen.
A transportable kitchen island may also function as an architectural element, developing a semi-barrier that physically divides your workspace in the relaxation of the kitchen. When you get tired of how your kitchen area looks, you could vary things by moving your kitchen area island to a different place.
2) Sturdiness
Folding tables and kitchen buggies are usually flimsy, with surfaces which are thin and simple to scratch. They’re frequently so shaky the entire table could collapse should you accidently kick among the legs or put an excessive amount of weight up for grabs or cart’s surface.
A sturdy, portable kitchen island won’t present these problems, especially one having a butchers block top. With respect to the brand, the types of wood and also the grain style, a butchers block top could be perfect if you wish to make use of your kitchen island like a mobile cutting board and food prep trolley. Catskill Craftsmen is really a leading make of portable kitchen islands and John Boos is famous for his or her butchers block kitchen buggies.
3) Convenience
Most importantly else, kitchen island buggies are convenient and simple to use. Wheel these to where they’re needed most, to help keep all you need in your grasp. Whether you select a tropical top made from butchers block, hardwood, steel or granite, you’ll think it is simple to keep clean and maintain. And on top of that, when you are not utilizing it, you are able to wheel your moving island taken care of to release space on the floor inside your kitchen.
The portable kitchen island adds greater than just additional counter space. Additionally, it may be used as a cutting board, like a food prep trolley so that as a moving storage space. Technology-not only to keep utensils, dishes, items and much more. You may also stock up your portable KITCHEN ISLANDS with wine, cheese and crackers and wheel it in to the dining area where it may serve as an elegant, inconspicuous appetizer trolley.

JOHN BOOS Butchers BLOCKS – Worth The Money?

A kitchen redesign today can certainly encounter five figures. So it may be tempting to search for methods to scrimp around the redesign itself, or Where can I find Butcher Block Countertopsaround the kitchen furniture, home appliances and add-ons that cap them back. Before you chop corners, bear in mind that kitchen upgrades and remodels are some of the wisest opportunities a house owner could make.
For many years, butcher block continues to be one of the most popular counter and island top materials utilized in kitchen remodels, and it is by far the very best pick for kitchen island tables, kitchen buggies and cutting boards. Among butchers block producers, none is really as famous as John Boos and Company. Their butchers block items have a tendency to are more expensive than most, here again you may be enticed to choose a lesser brand to be able to save just a little. Here are a few facts to consider in determining whether Boos butchers block may be worth the premium.
With a wide margin, John Boos may be the leader in the industry. They’ve had sufficient time to have it right, seeing how they’ve been making butchers blocks because the late 1800s. Essentially, Boos & Co. sets the standards for the foodservice and residential marketplaces. They create not only butchers’ blocks and counter tops, obviously. Their butchers block kitchen islands tables, buggies and cutting boards have won the praise of professional chefs and residential cooks alike, and also have gained Boos a huge quantity of honours and celebrity chef endorsements.
Within this business, setting it up right requires excellence in three key areas: design, material inputs and craftsmanship. Because the leader in the industry with more than a hundred years of expertise, Boos knows the tastes and anticipation of enthusiastic cooks and understands how to keep on the top of fashion trends. They will use just the finest United States hardwood floors: Hard Rock Walnut, American Cherry, Appalachian Red-colored Oak and American Black Walnut gathered from well-handled forests – an origin that’s sustainable, biodegradable and renewable. To make sure sturdiness and durability of the items, Boos even dries the wood to exacting standards in their own individual kilns. Even though Boos makes use of advances in manufacturing technology, the delicate machinery they will use could be of little value without their highly-trained, seasoned operator-craftsmen.
In purchasing butchers block, just like other things, it virtually comes lower to “you get that which you purchase,Inches and-quality design, materials and craftsmanship are not equipped cheap. If you are still reluctant, but whatsoever vain, then weigh the status from the John Boos title itself. It is certainly one of individuals legendary, American brands that shouts quality and connotes premium. A lot to ensure that most of the company’s items feature the Boos brand imprinted in it less due to self-promotion, but as their customers demand it. In the end, should you drive a Lamborghini you would like individuals to realize it, right?
How one thing everybody is conscious of the John Boos title anyway? Decades ago that wasn’t a lot the situation, however with our growing curiosity about cooking and surging recognition of cooking shows on such food-centric systems because the Cooking Funnel and Food Network, we’re all having to pay more focus on what’s within the kitchen areas in our favorite chefs and food personas, along with the kitchen areas in our buddies and neighbors.
Finally, if you are not convinced through the vanity argument, let’s complete the circle by coming back towards the investment thesis. If you are setting up butcher block countertops, bear in mind that top quality counters provides you with years of effectiveness and pleasure, in addition to a return around the investment when the time comes to market your house. When the purchase you’re thinking about is really a butchers block table, island, trolley or cutting board, exactly the same principle is applicable, only within this situation you will probably go along with you should you move. Main point here: you’re certain to get a long time of satisfying use from the John Boos product. And ultimately, that’s the way you should consider value: quality and durability for that cost.

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